Welcome to Notes4Call, a note taking and reminder app that reminds you of the points you need to discuss when the concerned person calls or is called. Unlike other note taking apps that stay separated, Notes4Call ensures discussion points are linked to a phone number so that they pop-up when the person calls or you call the person. The app is easy to use, you enter the phone number (or select it from your Contacts) and add a note under it, when the concerned person calls, a pop-up window opens with all the points you had recorded for discussion. Post-call you can either "update", "delete" or "archive" the note for further use. You can also set reminders for the notes to pop-up at a certain time and use even while you are meeting someone face-to-face. With Notes4Call you discuss what you need to discuss and capture what was discussed precisely, this reduces communication cycle and projects a professional image of yourself.